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Tooth Whitening System (full kit)

This comprises two separate processes.

Part 1 which contains enough dental materials and simple instructions for you to make a professional impression of your teeth at home. On receipt of your impressions and your gel choice, we will send you;

Part 2 of your order which contains the customised tooth trays made from the impressions, together with approximately 2 x 3.5 gm of the whitening gel and detailed, but easy to follow instructions for you to whiten your teeth.

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Now with 50% extra gel

Gel Refills

We supply you with Pharmaceutical Grade Carbamide Peroxide gel in three strengths; 10%, 16% and 22%.

Get extra supplies of whitening gel, at the same time as ordering the full kit, or separately at a later time to "top-up" the improvements previously obtained.

You should choose 10% gel if you have particularly sensitive parts of your teeth, 16% gel for "normal" teeth or 22% for very dark or discoloured teeth or a quick fix!

Price £28.00
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Shipping & Handling

Shipping and Handling are charged extra. For UK orders, £4.99 will be charged for each system ordered and £2.25 for each refill. For orders to be despatched to Europe, £10.99 will be added for each system and £4.99 for each refill. We do not despatch to countries outside of the European Union at this time.

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