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There are so many high quality dentistry services provided by our world class dentists who have many years of experience and have dealt with every type of dental problem known to man and have combated them quickly and efficiently.

The in high demand cosmetic braces

The main objective of cosmetic braces is to create much straighter teeth which will look amazing, after you’ve finished the process you’ll be full of confidence and you’ll never be happier about your smile!


  • Straightens crooked teeth
  • Removes gaps in your teeth
  • Closes an open bite
  • Helps with teeth cleaning

Fighting against Gum disease

Gum disease is caused when a build up of bacteria is living in the plaque and tartar on your teeth.

There are harmful chemicals produced by the build up of bacteria which can irritate your gums which make them bleed.

Advanced Laser Gum Treatment
This is used for more extreme cases of gum disease this is simple yet effective using laser energy to kill the bacteria causing the irritation, it will improve the healing of the gum pockets.

White teeth that will make heads turn

Why not brighten your smile by up to a whopping 10 shades today?

Teeth can become discoloured for a number of reasons such as: tea, coffee, red wine, smoking and even due to some foods.

Prices: start from only £199 and you’ll receive a free consultation!

Types of treatment:
Laser whitening - This is a procedure involving lasers to whiten teeth
Zoom Whitening - This has been the most talked about whitening product out there it even has appeared on TV.

Did you know that around 80% of people hate going to the dentist, well not all dentists here at smile plan are determined to change people's opinions about going to the dentist.

We are The Smile Plan and we are Located in London, Kensington W8, our primary aim is to provide the people of London with the highest standard of dentistry services possible.

We pride ourselves in having modern facilities, using the latest technology and employing friendly professional staff to make your visit a happy one.

We cater for people from all walks of life and are pleased to be able to offer a wide variety of treatments to suit your individual needs. Regular check-ups can help you and us look after your mouth and prevent future problems. We will be talking about many of the cosmetic and general dentistry services we offer such as: Cosmetic braces, teeth whitening, gum health and many more other fantastic services.

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