Dental Procedures: From Teeth Whitening to Root Canal Surgery

The NHS does not provide cosmetic surgery, such as teeth whitening. This can mean that the cost of having a teeth whitening procedure performed by a private dentist is just too expensive for a lot of people. There is also no fixed cost and the price of teeth whitening can vary significantly from surgery to surgery. It is advisable to always carry out extensive research if you are thinking of having teeth whitening treatment by a private dentist.

Alternatively, teeth whitening kits are a simple and safe option that you can use yourself, in the comfort of your own home.

Not only does the NHS not offer teeth whitening and most other cosmetic dentistry, but in some areas it is nearly impossible to find an available NHS dentist to register with. Instead, you will be placed on a waiting list which you could be on for years. Patients should also be aware that if you do not have an appointment for a year or so then you could be in danger of being struck off the register at your NHS dental surgery.

As a patient on the NHS, you still have to pay towards treatment. Many patients have found that when comparing prices for treatments with different practices, such as root canal surgery, there can be large discrepancies. One dentist may charge £100 for a procedure whereas another could quote £1000. Dentists are allocated £2 billion of the NHS budget but this does not guarantee a decent service. It is not uncommon for people to be misdiagnosed and be charged for more expensive, yet unnecessary surgery.


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