American Vs British Teeth Whitening

Americans are renowned for being obsessed with their teeth. You just have to take a look at a red carpet event in Hollywood to see sets of dazzling white teeth. The British appear to prefer the more natural look although teeth whitening does seem to have been establishing itself here over the past few years. Non-NHS cosmetic dentistry now amounts to a third of a dentist?s income, on average.

It has been documented that an American interviewer asked Ricky Gervais about his use of ugly fake teeth for comedic purposes, before being told that they were, in fact, his real teeth. Teeth can be a distinguishing feature of a person and therefore change may not be a good thing. Kate Moss has been quoted as saying that she loves her crooked teeth. However, if someone?s teeth are making their life miserable surely it can only be beneficial for them to have their teeth whitened and escape a life of avoiding opening their mouth or covering it with their hand whenever they laugh.

There needs to be a definitive line between restoring stained teeth to their former glory and creating unnaturally white teeth that can be quite grotesque. It is like anything, as long as it is done in moderation, teeth whitening can really make a positive difference to a person?s appearance.

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