A Brief History of the Quest for Whiter Teeth

The wish to have whiter teeth is not a fad that has developed overnight; it has been around for centuries. According to research, hydrogen peroxide was used as early as 1884 to attain whiter teeth. Carbamide peroxide is now a much more popular choice as there is no risk of the gums and soft tissue being burned.

Cosmetic tooth whitening is the only way to ensure that you continue to have whiter teeth. Dentin, which is the material under enamel on teeth, is actually yellow and because enamel is transparent, the dentin can give teeth a yellow tone. Brushing teeth with whitening toothpaste is therefore not wholly effective. Teeth are also made darker by perished materials in the root canal then discolouring the dentin. In addition to this, age and daily stains from food and drink affect the colour.  

In the past, a cotton pellet was soaked in bleach and then placed inside the tooth with a root canal. This would be removed after a few days and a filling would be introduced. The result? Whiter teeth!

The technique that we use is somewhat less severe than this. Our teeth whitening kits work by having the whitening gel in contact with the teeth for as long as is needed, without causing any damage. Having whiter teeth has been proven to lead to health and happiness through inner confidence. So if you want whiter teeth with minimum effort try our simple to use teeth whitening kits.


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